Dieter Jaksch awarded with the 2018 Thomas Young Medal and Prize

for "his contributions to theoretical proposals enabling the study of non-equilibrium quantum many-body dynamics with unprecedented microscopic control in ultra-cold atoms, and establishing them as a quantum technologies platform".

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Jean-Marc Triscone awarded a honorary doctorate

by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

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Q-MAC News

Marta Gibert receives SPS Award 2016

The Swiss Physical Society 2016 Prize in Condensed Matter Physics is awarded to Marta Gibert for her excellent PostDoc-research work on magnetic coupling at oxide interfaces, especially in the interface engineering of heterostructures combining nickelates and manganites. The observation of exchange bias in superlattices of non-magnetic LaNiO3 and magnetic LaMnO3 layers not only implied the development of interface-induced magnetism in the paramagnetic LaNiO3 layers, but also provided a very subtle tool for probing interfacial coupling.The experimental results were supported by firstprinciples calculations.


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