Dieter Jaksch awarded with the 2018 Thomas Young Medal and Prize

for "his contributions to theoretical proposals enabling the study of non-equilibrium quantum many-body dynamics with unprecedented microscopic control in ultra-cold atoms, and establishing them as a quantum technologies platform".

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Jean-Marc Triscone awarded a honorary doctorate

by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

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Q-MAC News

Q-MAC scientists receive awards


Hamburg Prize for Theoretical Physics 2014 awarded to Antoine Georges for his work in the field of theoretical solid state physics.

The prize is jointly awarded by the Joachim Herz Stiftung and CUI (the Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging). The awards ceremony will take place during the annual CUI Symposium in Hamburg between November 12 and 14, 2014.


Europhysics prize 2014 awarded to Jean-Marc Triscone for the discovery and investigation of electron liquids at oxide interfaces.

This Europhysics prize by the European Physical Society Condensed Matter Division is one of Europe’s most significant distinction in the field of condensed matter physics.


"Scholarship of Excellence" awarded to Marta Gibert for the excellence of her scientific work and research on Interface engineering of nickelate heterostructures.


Jennifer Fowlie won the Swiss FameLab competition 2014.

She represented Switzerland for the International Finals at the Cheltenham Science Festival.


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