Q-MAC meetings in 2020/2021:

The Final International Symposium has been postponed until further notice.

Q-MAC regular meeting 2020 has been cancelled. 

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Q-MAC Extension on the grounds of excellence

Q-MAC Project has been successfully extended for 1 year

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Publication Detail / Abstract

K. R. Beyerlein, A. S. Disa, M. Först, M. Henstridge, T. Gebert, T. Forrest, A. Fitzpatrick, C. Dominguez, J. Fowlie, M. Gibert, J.-M. Triscone, S. S. Dhesi, and A. Cavalleri

Probing photoinduced rearrangements in the NdNiO3 magnetic spiral with polarization-sensitive ultrafast resonant soft x-ray scattering

published on Physical Review B on July 22, 2020
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We use resonant soft x-ray diffraction to track the photoinduced dynamics of the antiferromagnetic structure in a NdNiO3 thin film. Femtosecond laser pulses with a photon energy of 0.61 eV, resonant with electron transfer between long-bond and short-bond nickel sites, are used to excite the material and drive an ultrafast insulator-metal transition. Polarization-sensitive soft x-ray diffraction, resonant to the nickel L3 edge, then probes the evolution of the underlying magnetic spiral as a function of time delay with 80 ps time resolution. By modeling the azimuthal dependence of the scattered intensity for different linear x-ray polarizations, we benchmark the changes of the local magnetic moments and the spin alignment. The measured changes are consistent with a reduction of the long-bond site magnetic moments and an alignment of the spins towards a more collinear structure at early time delays.
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