Q-MAC meetings in 2020/2021:

The Final International Symposium has been postponed until further notice.

Q-MAC regular meeting 2020 has been cancelled. 

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Q-MAC Extension on the grounds of excellence

Q-MAC Project has been successfully extended for 1 year

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Publication Detail / Abstract

M. Hughes, M. D. Frye, R. Sawant, G. Bhole, J. A. Jones, S. L. Cornish, M. R. Tarbutt, J. M. Hutson, Dieter Jaksch, and Jordi Mur-Petit

Robust entangling gate for polar molecules using magnetic and microwave fields

published on Physical Review A on June 3, 2020
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Polar molecules are an emerging platform for quantum technologies based on their long-range electric dipole–dipole interactions, which open new possibilities for quantum information processing and the quantum simulation of strongly correlated systems. Here, we use magnetic and microwave fields to design a fast entangling gate with >0.999 fidelity and which is robust with respect to fluctuations in the trapping and control fields and to small thermal excitations. These results establish the feasibility to build a scalable quantum processor with a broad range of molecular species in optical-lattice and optical-tweezers setups.
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