Jean-Marc Triscone awarded a honorary doctorate

by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

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next Q-MAC meetings in 2018:

3rd Q-MAC symposium in Venice, May 22-25, 2018.

Next regular meeting in Paris, November 27-28, 2018.

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Publication Detail / Abstract

J. Mravlje, A. Georges

Thermopower and Entropy: Lessons from Sr2RuO4

published in PRL on July 12, 2016
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We calculate the in-plane Seebeck coefficient of Sr2RuO4 within a framework combining electronic structure and dynamical mean-field theory. We show that its temperature dependence can be interpreted using entropic considerations based on the Kelvin formula and that it provides a meaningful probe of the crossover out of the Fermi liquid regime into an incoherent metal. This crossover proceeds in two stages: The entropy of spin degrees of freedom is released around room temperature, while orbital degrees of freedom remain quenched up to much higher temperatures. This is confirmed by a direct calculation of the corresponding susceptibilities and is a hallmark of "Hund’s metals.” We also calculate the c-axis thermopower and predict that it exceeds substantially the in-plane one at high temperature, a peculiar behavior which originates from an interlayer “hole-filtering” mechanism.
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