Dieter Jaksch awarded with the 2018 Thomas Young Medal and Prize

for "his contributions to theoretical proposals enabling the study of non-equilibrium quantum many-body dynamics with unprecedented microscopic control in ultra-cold atoms, and establishing them as a quantum technologies platform".

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Jean-Marc Triscone awarded a honorary doctorate

by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

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Publication Detail / Abstract

M. S. Scheurer, S. Chatterjee, W. Wu, M. Ferrero, A. Georges, S. Sachdev

Topological order in the pseudogap metal

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We compute the electronic Green's function of the topologically ordered Higgs phase of a SU(2) gauge theory of fluctuating antiferromagnetism on the square lattice. The results are compared with cluster extensions of dynamical mean field theory, and quantum Monte Carlo calculations, on the pseudogap phase of the strongly interacting hole-doped Hubbard model. Good agreement is found in the momentum, frequency, hopping, and doping dependencies of the spectral function and electronic self-energy. We show that lines of (approximate) zeros of the zero-frequency electronic Green's function are signs of the underlying topological order of the gauge theory, and describe how these lines of zeros appear in our theory of the Hubbard model. We also derive a modified, non-perturbative version of the Luttinger theorem that holds in the Higgs phase.
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